“Weekend with family, or friends” sounds like making a plan. And we are standing up here to make your plan a shape with fun. Give live your weekend up with our outdoor set up we offer a number of adventure activities.

Friends & Family Party

You can enjoy your weekend with your family or friends in Gurgaon may not be the first place you think of when talking about adventure. The highly urbanized city is known more for its economic growth and industries than adrenaline-pumping action. But, if you know where to look, you can find many opportunities for thrills and excitement like ATV rides, rock climbing and zorbing, all part of the best adventure tours in Gurgaon.


Adventure Activities

To give arousal to your body do adventure activities. These activities are designed in a way anyone can use it and thrilled by them. Rock climbing, rappelling, flying fox etc. etc. gonna give you goose bumps with unusual experience!!
About the Activity: Break free and head out for a unique adventure in the adventure village and farm and experience a difference with warriors village of activities.

Pool Party & Camping

Get cool bath in a pool…yes the best way to give your body refreshment in sunny days are swimming in a pool. So just for the sake of refreshment warriror village gives you this pool facility.

Planning for the weekends in camp is the great idea to have a different experience of a day. Camping give you the real feel of out of bricks. Camping will take place in different types of camps according to the strength.





A Perfect Holiday Destination

Day Packages

Special Discounted rates for Kids

5 to 12 Yrs: Rs. 625 /- + GST per person

Special Discounted rates for Adults

Per Person Rs. 999 /- + GST per person